Launch of the call out for images

I have started to collect images via public open submission. So a Big thank you for the people who have sent in images so far.

If you want to submit a photograph and see what is happening just have a look here.

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Funded by Yorkshire ArtSpace



A line between; video projection at the Castlegate Festival

A video of a video, how circular. But you can get a better feel for the video projection at the Castlegate Festival.

I am quite pleased with how it comes across, Unfortunately I never got to see the actual projection as I was away from Sheffield at the time.

New Public Artwork

Last week I finished a new public artwork which can be seen on Fitwilliam Street in Sheffield.

It was commissioned by MAF Properties for their new student flats accommodation. It is a design etched onto the glass balustrade of the first floor and can be seen from the street.

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The design is abstract and based on a composition of curved arcs which cross and intersect while flowing across the nine glass panels.

New commission

I have been commissioned to produce a design for an art work for a new building in Sheffield.

A line between

A line Between is a video produced as part of my Yorkshire Artspace Micro Grant for the Castlegate Festival. The video is an animated slide show made out of photographic images taken during a walk around the area.

A Line between 3 from Peter Griffiths on Vimeo.

My intention was to explore the area and collect images. I was trying to get a feel for the area, get to know it better and decide how I would use the architecture of the Castlegate quarter to produce one of my digital drawings.