The Bowes Museum

My second trip to look at a collection was to the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle. I am starting to think about making my collecting of visual assets less controlled and directed. However looking at the Bowes Museum made me realize that there are dangers in doing this. A collection without direction is just a lost of stuff. A museum can become like a storage facility.

In interesting discovery came from seeing the North Country Quilts exhibition. Here I realised that quilting is not patch work. Some of the older quilts showed some interesting pattern forms and pattern development.

At The V&A

For my trip to the V&A in London I had decided to look at China, Korea and Japan. This was influenced after reading a small amount of fiction by East Asian authors, and a trip to Japan in the Autumn of 2019. One item I picked was this jar as I liked the unusual pattern development on it. I quite like the fact that while it looks complex there must be a system to drawing it by hand. I am thinking that its outline is done first then you focus down into the detail.


Works on Paper

While I am still thinking about the role of Subject in my creative practice I have decided that, while this question is unresolved, it should not stop me from working. At the moment there seems to be several option to move forward. One has been to remove, as far as possible, subject from my work. I think that this is what I am doing at the moment. It seems sensible that while I do not have an answer I should remove the question. Other options have been to work across subjects and focus more on personal or random selection processes.

Talking to Artists

I have now finished the section of the project where I talked to four different artists about their views on the use of Subject in a creative practice. So thanks to Jill Laudet, Bede Robinson, Jo Whittle and David Orme for there help and support.

Artist Interviews

I have managed to interview two of my planned four artists and hope to meet up with the third next week. It is starting to look a bit like I might be able to get all the things that I had planned done. I just need to plan two trips to places to explore the idea of collecting specific material and then do some work before producing my second Zine of work produced, by the end of this summer.

Just another update

As I have not done much to my DYCP project on the role of Subject in my work for a little while, this is what I am planning to do.

Contact at least four artists to talk to them about the role or use of a subject in their work.


Presenting reseach

First things first

Try and focus on something, it can be changed it later.

Record what I am doing without turning it into a long piece of text.


Lascaux 977

I’m starting with a blank dark grey Lascaux 977 on Bockingford paper, I haven’t done anything you can see yet. I will be looking into the use of Subject in my practice.


Web, Media and Scope

Today I have been working on the outline for keeping the digital diary and making a link table for linking from Instagram.

I need to think about the Scope and set down what I will be doing.

The proposal

To explore the role of Subject in my painting and printmaking. A question that I have been thinking about in relation to my work for a while. To spend a period of time researching and investigating this. Some of which will be spent on theoretical research and some of it will be through practical exercises. The aim is to see if subject is a necessity in my work, in some form or if it could or should be removed.