A Picture of Sheffield

A Pictue rof Sheffield

The final picture that was produced for A Picture of Sheffield

I have now finished working on this art project which was funded via a Yorkshire Artspace Microgrant. You can see more information about this in a blog on this site.  The  project aimed to make a picture of Sheffield  based on architectural forms and shapes submitted by the public. The picture is a collage made out of a number of photographs, put into one picture. To do this I am asked people to submit their own photographs of buildings which were used to make the picture.

Yorkshire ArtSpace Open Studio event 20-22 Novenber 2015

The final drawing has been produced as a A4 digital print in an edition of 50 and is now available from Yorkshire ArtSpace. They will be given out on a first come first served basis

A demonstration of its creation was given during the Open Studio event on the Sunday 22 November More details are published on the YAS web site.


Gallery of photographs submitted

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Submissions for a Picture of Sheffield are now closed.

Thank you for submitting a picture.

Please note I will not use your image as it is but will edit it. I will not give credit to individual photographs submitted but I will provide a credit list of people who submit work if you include your name when you submit your work. I am not able to give credit to you as photographer.