I am a visual artist based in Sheffield, England producing Paintings, Installation, Drawing, Photographic  and Printed works. I also undertake public art commissions, where I am interested in a user centered approach to the development leading to visual designs that can be applied to surfaces in architectural situation.

I have recently started to explore the production of specific items for sale directly to the public, these include T-shirts with designs taken from imagery used in my paintings and prints.

I trained as a sculptor and my approach to my art and design is to work with both the materials and processes. I have an MSc in Computing and am interested in the effect that technology has on traditional creative practice. I work by collecting visual material that can be used in the production of my art works. This then explores the value of the objects and their inherent usefulness as visual objects and often the ironic relationships that they then imply. Much of my work develops through the transference of images and marks from one state to another.

This site functions as a portfolio of my work. The Art section contains painting, drawing and print while the Design section includes examples of my public commissioned work.

 My face book pages are at https://www.facebook.com/PeterGriffithsArtandDesign/  please share and like if you want.