YA Micro Grant

Launch of the call out for images

I have started to collect images via public open submission. So a Big thank you for the people who have sent in images so far.

If you want to submit a photograph and see what is happening just have a look here.

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Funded by Yorkshire ArtSpace



A line between; video projection at the Castlegate Festival

A video of a video, how circular. But you can get a better feel for the video projection at the Castlegate Festival.

I am quite pleased with how it comes across, Unfortunately I never got to see the actual projection as I was away from Sheffield at the time.

A line between

A line Between is a video produced as part of my Yorkshire Artspace Micro Grant for the Castlegate Festival. The video is an animated slide show made out of photographic images taken during a walk around the area.

A Line between 3 from Peter Griffiths on Vimeo.

My intention was to explore the area and collect images. I was trying to get a feel for the area, get to know it better and decide how I would use the architecture of the Castlegate quarter to produce one of my digital drawings.

Microgrant from YA

I am pleased to announce that I have been offered a Microgrant from YA Yorkshire ArtSpace in Sheffield.

The grant is for me to develop new drawings using the Castlegate area of Sheffield as subject and to explore new processes. Resulting work will published in an exhibition at their Exchange Place studios, located in Castlegate.

There are a number of different elements to the work that I will be carrying out. You can follow the progress of this work in a blog.

A part of the grants work will include a call out for people to submit images for me to use in a drawing, information about taking part in this is posted here.

Castlegate, Sheffield

Castlegate, Sheffield