Web, Media and Scope

Today I have been working on the outline for keeping the digital diary and making a link table for linking from Instagram.

I need to think about the Scope and set down what I will be doing.

The proposal

To explore the role of Subject in my painting and printmaking. A question that I have been thinking about in relation to my work for a while. To spend a period of time researching and investigating this. Some of which will be spent on theoretical research and some of it will be through practical exercises. The aim is to see if subject is a necessity in my work, in some form or if it could or should be removed.

I will also aim to publish the work I produce in a second Zine booklet along with an explanation of my thinking. This will help to bring my research to a conclusion.

A starting point is to research into the ideas of subjective and objective art, looking at writing about abstraction and abstract painting. I will make use of Sheffield Hallam University library and other sources to do this.

I will make two day trip visits to particular galleries or museums. At the moment one would be the Design Museum with the aim of considering pattern, material and process as visual entities. The other in contrast is to the John Moores Painting Prize exhibition.

I would also like to arrange interviews with 4 other painters or 2d artists . The aim would be to discuss their and my ideas on the use of subject in their work and mine.

Alongside this I will develop new paintings and prints as I go. I will publish examples on my Instagram account and here as work progresses.