Prints on paper

My paper works combine pencil line with areas of colour. The colours are now mostly screen printed but some are hand painted or stenciled. Current subjects use everyday architecture, and other found objects.  By collecting multiple images the chosen subject is explored and then combined into each drawing. I use a plotter with a pencil to draw the fine lines, which enables multiple copies of each drawing to be made.

I use the ready made shapes, textures, patterns and forms found in the photographs. Each form can be re-appropriated, re-scaled and cropped into simple motifs that are then collaged into a final image that redefines the original subject.

I produce smaller multiple editions of these print/drawings a small selection of which are available from my Big Cartel Shop.

If you are interested in a print that is not in my Big Cartel shop let me know and I can put it on the shop for you.

Selected printed works on paper