A question of subject Zine

This year 2021 I have produced a second zine, here you can see the PDF version. A paper version is also available for £4 from my shop.


Talking to Artists

I have now finished the section of the project where I talked to four different artists about their views on the use of Subject in a creative practice. So thanks to Jill Laudet, Bede Robinson, Jo Whittle and David Orme for there help and support.

Artist Interviews

I have managed to interview two of my planned four artists and hope to meet up with the third next week. It is starting to look a bit like I might be able to get all the things that I had planned done. I just need to plan two trips to places to explore the idea of collecting specific material and then do some work before producing my second Zine of work produced, by the end of this summer.

Paper Work

Not an Exhibition Catalogue

In 2020 I produced this zine booklet of a collection of paper drawings that are inspired by a Hound tooth Jacquard knitting pattern. In my work I use technology to work with imagery and create stencils. Jacquard card patterns are an early form of computer programming used to direct a pattern produced by a knitting or weaving machine.

You can see a copy of the zine here.


Freelance support fund

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded a grant by Sheffield Cultural Consortium to spend some time developing my print technique.

To do this I will be working with West Yorkshire Print Workshop, who will be helping me with mentoring and practical support sessions.



Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice project grant

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England. I will be using it to research into the role of subject in my work.

You can follow the progress in my project blog

Small Print International 6

I am pleased to announce that I have had a print ‘Four layer’ accepted for Leicester Print Workshop’s ‘Small Print International 6’. The exhibition runs from Friday 28 November to 13 February 2021

All prints in the exhibition are for sale.

‘Four Layer’, Screen print on Bockingford paper, 11×14 cm, Edition 12.

The exhibition is only accessible on line and is part of the Leicester Print Festival. Use to access the festival.

Who we are who we aren’t

For the past two years I have been working with Bollo Brook Youth Centre on a number of creative projects including ‘Who we are Who we aren’t’, about the young people’s experiences and thoughts on race and racism.

We have now created an online representation of the work